Our latest video on the WF-X Waterfall aircraft is now available on our website

This aircraft is the central part of a complex structure of drones, ground station facilities and satcoms for an integrated fight against wildfires. The observation of these by our System of Systems will not only greatly improve all operational capabilities but also ensure a level of safety not available today.

Chile Wildfires
More than 120 killed by raging wildfires in Chile as authorities warn toll will rise
Devastating wildfires tearing through swaths of Chile have killed more than 120 people, authorities said Monday, as they warned that the death toll was set to rise.
Wildfires are costing the US economy between $394 billion to $893 billion annually
Wildfires represent a growing threat to the health and well-being of communities across the country.
Wildfires Cost Europe €4.1 Billion as Temperatures Hit Records
Wildfires have cost Europe an estimated €4.1 billion ($4.43 billion) in damages so far this year, as extreme heat seared the Mediterranean from Greece to Spain this summer.