Building the ultimate solution in fighting wildfires

The first technologically advanced, high capacity, multirole, amphibian aircraft

A revolution in aerial firefighting, human disaster and natural hazards response

The first technologically advanced, high capacity,

multirole, amphibian aircraft

Maximum Take Off Weight 30 Tons

2 x 5000 shp

Water 12 tons

Cruise speed 320 Kts

Range 2600 Nm

STOL < 500 Mt. Land & water

Our unique know-how places us to be a global leader in the emergency response market


Project Start


Number of combined aeronautical projects developed by our staff


Group offices globally

30 Years

Staff average years of experience in the role

Who we are

Positioned to be a Global leader in aerial firefighting and Emergency response industry

The Group

We are an innovative Aerospace/Tech investment and development company, focused on breakthrough projects. Over the past years we have developed 3 areas of investment: An amphibian multirole Firefighting & Emergency response Aircraft, An advance training academy and a Firefighting and Emergency response operator

acadeny 19-01

Advance Training Academy

Fire Fighting & Emergency Response Aircraft and related Technologies

Fire Fighting & Emergency response Operator

All the three projects together will give the full control of the value chain of a market estimated to be USD 255B a year by 2028


May 2023

Production site identified


Supply chain identified

Sep 2021

Aircraft specs finalized

Jan 2019

Full Flight Simulator CL415 Certified EASA Level D

Nov 2016

Initial development Full Flight Simulator


Initial preparatory works on CL 415 simulator development


Analysis on Aerial Fire Fighting Business & Reference aircraft

Key people


Pilot and flight instructor with 25 years of experience in Aviation industry ranging from Training, maintenance, production, and certification. At the age of 30 he moved to Hong Kong and set his boutique consulting firm that focused specifically in developing, implementing and project managing the entire programs for his clients. Within a short space of time, he had opened offices in 3 continents. During this period, he worked for some of the leading companies in the trade association (600B+ Revenue), manufacturing sector (more than 50B USD Revenue) Training sector (10+ B USD) and some of the most specialized investment funds in the sector. Startup specialist involving both, aviation and IT competences, he managed extremely challenging projects in highly multicultural complex environments, leading teams in up to 4 continents at the same time. More recently, Renato defined the requirements, and managed the project to create the first Full flight Level D simulator for aerial firefighting aircraft, the CL415 (after many attempts by the industry without success), which he managed to certify in a record time of 2 years from the beginning of the project. All those years of aviation experience, and in aerial firefighting, led him to create the company 19-01, with the aim of providing solutions to reduce the impact of wildfires globally.


Founder & Chief Executive Officer


Steven has led a distinguished executive career with start-ups, SMEs and international corporations across a broad range of sectors, including aviation, consulting and technology. He was CFO of Alitalia and Olivetti among others and became a Partner of Ernst & Young Consulting focussing on the transportation and Energy sectors. Whether managing a large finance programme with a major organisation or raising the capital to finance the purchase of a fleet of aircraft, his multi-cultural working and private background, combined with his collaborative attitude and extensive international board room experiences, have produced undeniable results. Steven has spent his working life living between Italy and the UK. The key competencies for Steven are: financial strategy and control, operations, stakeholder engagement and organisational effectiveness


Founder & Chief Financial Officer


Antonio brings to 19-01 an unique career that combines academic graduation in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering plus 40 years in successfully development and certification of civil, military aircraft and UAS, that represents the perfect background for WF-X conception and development. Graduated at University “Federico II'' in Naples, Italy, after a short stint in Fincantieri he joined Aeritalia (now part of Leonardo Co) in 1983 to participate to international programs such as ATR 42/ATR72 in JV with Aerospatiale (FR) and MD80 Propfan Demo Engine and MD91/92 in McDonnell Douglas (US). After the stint in the US, in 1988 he was appointed as Responsible for ATR42/72 Fuselage and Empennage segments, supporting ATR42 quick production ramp-up as well as ATR72 development and certification program. In this role he was also involved in feasibility phases of new programs, such as ATR derivatives or a 100 seater in a multinational cooperation program, and was part of the team of the initial phase of A400M program for baseline design of Rear Fuselage, Rear Ramp and Cargo Door. From 1997 to 2000 he was Responsible for the Airframe of C27J Military Transport, leading a multinational program with partners from Australia, Taiwan, UK and Italy. In 2001 he joined Piaggio Aerospace to create from scratch an Engineering Research Center tasked with Technology Readiness Programs at regional, national and European level. From 2005 to 2018 he became Chief Technical Officer and Head of Design Organization, leading the R & D department for production and new development programs. In 2005 he gained one of the first DOA of EASA and certified P180 Avanti II, a mid-life update to sustain the commercial life of one of the most innovative products for general aviation. Starting 2006, he explored further business opportunities generated by new small and midsize jets, ending up with the design of P.1XX, a family of aircraft for the Midsize Business Jet segment. After collapse of general aviation due to global financial crisis, in 2010-2011 he diversified company offer deriving from P.180 platform a family of Medium Altitude Long Endurance (MALE) Unmanned Air System (UAS) for military Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) missions, designing, developing, testing and manufacturing the only fully certifiable MALE UAS in Europe, for the time being. In parallel to P.1HH/P.2HH, he designed and tested Piaggio Aero MPA, a conventional Patrol Aircraft to further enlarge opportunities for Piaggio Aero in the military market. Finally, in 2017-2018 he developed and certified the latest evolution of P.180, the Avanti EVO, to sustain product competitiveness in the general aviation market. Following Piaggio Aero financial crisis, in 2019 he joined IDS to lead the UAS Division, to develop and certify miniaturized UAS for ISR missions for military forces and Law Enforcement Agencies and to research for innovative Systems dedicated to border control, territory monitoring and firefighting operations. Being a passionate sailor, he leveraged his aerospace expertise to design in 2000 his own race boat that won several national championships plus two “Owner of the Year '' titles. Recently, he published a scientific paper on lifting foils to enhance seaplanes performances, presented at “High Speed Marine Vehicles” Symposium in October 2020. In 2021 he joined 19-01 as CTO-HDO to conceive, design and develop WF-X.


Chief Technical Officer

Maurizio Cheli
Maurizio Cheli


Maurizio Cheli was born in Modena, Italy, on May 4, 1959. In 1978 he entered the Accademia Aeronautica in Pozzuoli (Italian Air Force Academy), where he got a degree in Aeronautical Sciences. In 1983 he was assigned to the well-known F-104G as an operating reconnaissance pilot, and in 1988 he graduated first at the Empire Test Pilot’s School course in Boscombe Down, United Kingdom, hence becoming a test and experimental pilot of high performance aircrafts.

In 1996 he took part in the Space Shuttle Columbia STS-75 Tethered Satellite mission, in which he was assigned the role of Mission Specialist. In the same year, Alenia Aeronautica hired him and he was assigned as Chief Test Pilot for defence aircraft. He was also the head of the operational development of the European fighter Eurofighter Typhoon.

In 2005 he established CFM Air, a start-up focused on the design of advanced light aircrafts, and in 2006 he founded DigiSky, a company specialized in the development of on-board electronics for sports aircrafts.

Maurizio Cheli earned a Master of Science Degree in Aerospace Engineering in 1994 from the University of Houston, US, a Degree in Political Sciences from the University of Turin, Italy, and a Master in Business Administration (MBA) from ESCP Europe in Paris in 2007.

Tutto in un istante (Everything in a moment) is the title of his first book.


Brand Ambassador and Technical Advisor


Andrea brings a unique set of skills that range from leadership, aircraft testing, training expert and aerial firefighting. He started his aviation career as Italian air force pilot and he then graduated at the Empire Test Pilots School at Royal Air Force in Boscombe Down, where he won the Hawker Hunter Trophy. At the Italian Experimental Flight Test Centre he was responsible for many programs including the upgrading of F104, AMX and Tornado. He was also appointed airshow demo pilot for Aermacchi MB339, G222 and Tornado. He proves his leadership as a Squadron’s commanding officer, as a Chief of the Aerotactical Forces, as a responsible for the modernization programs of the NATO E-3A AWACS and as a chief of Flight Safety at Headquarters of NATO Airborne Early Warning and Control Force Command. He also flew Boeing 767 as Captain and technical pilot, before qualifying as pilot on Canadair CL415 in 2001. He flew as a Captain of the water bomber for 19 years, becoming one of the most recognized and expert pilot in aerial firefighting, A Type rating Instructor and a Type rating Examiner. From 2020 he’s actively working on the development of the WF-X “Waterfall”. He flew more than 100 types of aircraft, and he was Chief test pilot of an Italian EASA Design organization.


Chief Experimental Test Pilot


Active pilot with more than 40 years flying experience. Nicolas started his aviation career as a French Air Force pilot where he distinguished himself as a fighter pilot during the Gulf war back in 1991 and later as a pilot for the Air Force aerobatic team “Patrouille de France”. His flying skills and his leadership led him to an active role as a pilot with French Civil protection agency in the aerial firefighting operations, where he flew for almost 24 years, of which 20 as a Captain. As a French Civil protection pilot, he covered several leading roles such as Chief theoretical knowledge instructor, Type rating Instructor, Type rating examiner, Supervisor of the operations (air & ground), Head of training, and Head of Aircrew fixed wing. Since 2016 he was also a member of the European Union interoperability group. During his career he was awarded with several medals: Legion d’honneur, Croix de guerre, ordre national du merite and Medaille de l’aeronatique. He brings to the 19-01 team his unique knowledge and experience on the CL415 aircraft, aerial firefighting operations and technical knowledge in advanced systems.


Test Pilot and technical advisor


Active pilot with more than 40 years flight experience. Eric started his aviation career in the French Air Force and, after training with the French navy academy, he was then assigned on a French Navy Air Carrier where, as pilot, he also performed roles as Flight safety officer, Tactical instructor, Patrol leader on the Super Etendard. and operations deputy manager in a French Navy squadron. His exceptional performances and flight skills allowed him to join in 1997 the French Civil Protection Agency as a pilot, performing his duties in aerial firefighting. He flew as a waterbomber pilot for more than 20 years and as a Captain for 17, covering several manging roles such as: Type rating instructor, Type rating examiner, Crew resource management instructor, Flight Safety Officer, and Deputy operations for a French aircraft Fire Fighters Base. As a member of interoperability group within European Union he participated in defining good practices when implementing the European Interoperability framework and in assisting the Commission in relation to the implementation of existing EU legislation, programmes, and policies. His knowledge in advanced electronic systems and his unique experience in aerial firefighting operations makes him a valuable asset for the 19-01 team in defining the technical specification of the new aircraft.


Test Pilot and technical advisor



Communication and Marketing expert with more than 20 years’ experience, recognized also by prestigious magazines such as “Capital”, which dedicated to him an entire page in 2000. His skills range from CGI, Visual Effects, Motion Design, Product design, Creative director and Art director. As a web master he managed websites for important events such as Rome jubilee 2000 with more than 330 million people visiting the city of Rome. He was selected as one of the 30 best Art Director in Italy back in 2004. He has worked as an external consultant for several internationally recognized group with revenue up to 24+ Billion USD a year. He’s at the forefront of a new approach for the creation of visual and animated communications for which he won 20 prestigious international awards. He joined 19-01 in 2019, adding true innovation and exceptional value.


Head of Marketing & Communication

Our unique know how, and Engineering Team with over 30 years experience gives us a competitive advantage over competitors in each area