Full Flight Simulator CL415 Certified EASA Level D

Following two years of intensive activity the CL415 Full Flight Simulator obtained the EASA Level D Certification. This was achieved thanks to a team of world class experts that worked closely with the founder to solve this issue that had been on the table for decades. The consequences of this are improved training, greater safety during the training program for the pilots and above all the acquisition of a unique level of knowledge and expertise in the area of fire fighting.


WF-X Waterfall Aircraft
This aircraft is the central part of a complex structure of drones, ground station facilities and satcoms for an integrated fight against wildfires.
Forest fires
Following a record-breaking forest fire season in Europe, the Commission is proposing today €170 million from the EU budget to reinforce its rescEU ground and aerial assets starting from the summer of 2023.
Nairobi, 23 February, 2022 – Climate change and land-use change are projected to make wildfires more frequent and intense, with a global increase of extreme fires of up to 14 per cent by 2030…