Initial development Full Flight Simulator

In November 2016 the team at 19-01, under the guidance of Renato Sacchetti, began the development of the specifications and creation for the first Full Flight Simulator, level D, for the Canadair – CL415 water bomber. This project has a high degree of complexity needing to address the issues around amphibian simulation, fire simulation and flight envelope. Todate no other key player on the market has been able to achieve this despite the fact that the original aircraft dates back to the 1960’s. The vision for this project started back in 2012 when the founder felt the need to solve the issue of the high accident rates that occured during training – under live conditions – of the pilots. The team hired a CL415 from the Italian government and by locating all the necessary sensors on the aircraft were able to collect all the needed data to define the technical specifications. The start for the creation of the new simulator was thus born.


On the July 2021 the 19-01 team presented the project and design for the new firefighting aircraft to the EU member states
The full operational architecture of the Flight Academy has just been completed and is now ready to be presented to the various authorities..
In February 2019 Mondovolo incorporated 19-01 Holdings in Italy as the next step in creating the necessary organization to manage the different projects underway.