Project presentation to European aviation industry

Following the catastrophic wildfires of 2021 interest in this project has gained further visibility around the world. The EU Emergency Response Coordination Center took on itself to coordinate a meeting with the key EU aviation industrial players to give 19-01 the opportunity to present the project and evaluate any possible future support. The meeting was held on the ………. and was attended by Airbus, Leonardo and Dassault.


Following two years of intensive activity the CL415 Full Flight Simulator obtained the EASA Level D Certification.
On the 26th November of this year Mondovolo Ltd was incorporated in the UK.
In November 2016 the team at 19-01, under the guidance of Renato Sacchetti, began the development of the specifications and creation for the first Full Flight Simulator, level D, for the Canadair – CL415 water bomber.